The Justin Rielly Show

It's free-form music programming mixed with perceptive interviews with local creators - just the way it should be...brought to you by the mind behind Aspie Works.

Past Episodes

  • The Justin Rielly Show - Sylvie Lynn (8/6/17) Aired: Sunday, August 6, 2017

    This episode features Oklahoma singer-songwriter Sylvie Lynn, whose music has been played on the show (including songs from her new EP Cocoon); along with Sylvie Lynn, music was featured by Susanna Rose, Imagine Dragons, Bruce Springsteen, Crowded House, Mandolin Orange and Go West.

  • The Justin Rielly Show - Take a Fielder's Choice, Oedipus (7/30/17) Aired: Sunday, July 30, 2017

    This episode features the Classics Theater's James Landers talking about the group's presentation of Sophocles' Theban Plays, while actor-director Don Bartalo and actor Danny Kunz share insight into hummingbird's latest "Fielder's Choice"; features music by the Grateful Dead, Kings of Leon, Teressa Wilcox, The Outfield and The Band.

  • The Justin Rielly Show - As You Like It, Dionysus (7/23/17) Aired: Sunday, July 23, 2017

    This episode features director Maria Scipione and actors Meredith Watson & Taylor Ross from RCP's summer show As You Like It and Bread & Water Theatre director JR Teeter, working on the immersive project Dionysus in 17; features music by Joe Cocker, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors and Linkin Park.

  • The Justin Rielly Show - DVC and WallByrd Rock the Show! (7/16/17) Aired: Sunday, July 16, 2017

    Performers from DVC's "The Freedom of the City" and WallByrd's "Macbeth" - Caitlin Kenyon, Ged Owen, Marcy Savastano & Daniel Soto - join up on this episode to talk about their perspective shows; features music by U2, The Blue Nile, Sylvie Lynn, Neil Finn, The Who and The Beatles.

  • The Justin Rielly Show - Eli Owens to the Rescue! (7/9/17) Aired: Sunday, July 9, 2017

    This episode features young actor Eli Owens of Black Sheep Theater's "Torch Song Trilogy" (filling in for previously scheduled guest Kristy Funderburk); features music by Imagine Dragons, Mandolin Orange, Susanna Rose, Elton John, Dawes, Morten Harket, Sylvie Thompson, Tiny Dinosaurs, Radiohead, the Young Rascals and Spandau Ballet.

  • The Justin Rielly Show - Laura Bastida (and the Host's Sister and Nephew, Too!) (7/2/17) Aired: Sunday, July 2, 2017

    This episode features the show's #1 fan, Robert Pattinson Worldwide staffer and French friend Laura Bastida - with some key cameos from Justin's sister Kristin and his young nephew Tristan; features music by Charles Aznavour, Sam Bradley, Kings of Leon, Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone, Florence + the Machine, Oneohtrix Point Never with Iggy Pop, Imagine Dragons, Bobby Long and Coldplay.

  • The Justin Rielly Show - Cassie and Annaleci, 1 Year Later (6/25/17) Aired: Sunday, June 25, 2017

    The inspirational mother and daughter duo of Cassandra and Annaleci Lamantia return for their second appearance on the show, with a look at where they have been since their last time on; features music by Michael Jackson, Sting, Thunder Body, The Black Keys, Elvis Costello, The Beatles and Mark Knopfler.

  • The Justin Rielly Show - Laurie, Ruben and Gina (6/18/17) Aired: Sunday, June 18, 2017

    This episode features Dances at MuCCC organizers (and dancers themselves) Laurie MacFarlane & Ruben Ornelas, joined by guest artist and NYC-based dancer Gina Bonati; features music by Walk the Moon, Earth, Wind and Fire, Billy Joel, Warren Zevon, Paul McCartney, Joe Jackson, Boz Scaggs, Violet Mary and David Bowie.

  • The Justin Rielly Show - Luane, Danica and Remus (6/11/17) Aired: Sunday, June 11, 2017

    This episode features the director of a returning local production of "Pippin," NTID professor Luane Davis Haggerty and actor-designer Danica Zielinski - plus Danica's service dog Remus; includes music from Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Dave Matthews Band, Julie Peel, Bobby Long, Teressa Wilcox, The Band, Huey Lewis and the News, Led Zeppelin, Squeeze and George Michael.

  • The Justin Rielly Show - Mel and Mike Muscarella (6/4/17) Aired: Sunday, June 4, 2017

    This episode features Mel and Mike Muscarella of Violet Mary, as they stay for the whole hour - with two Violet Mary tunes along the way (including one from their new album of revisited material Tales from the Gip); it also features music from Joe Cocker, Rush, Queen & David Bowie, Big Wreck, Tears for Fears, King's X and U2.