Morning Loops

Morning Loops Wake Up and Make Something. Morning Loops is a half awake sleepwalk through found sound audio collage, whimsical playlists and other discoveries that can be heard.

Past Episodes

  • Morning Loops-Episode 10 Aired: Sunday, January 28, 2024

    Happy New Year, today is very ambient, experimental, and soundscapey

    • Simon Kanzler and James Paul Nadien- The Proclivity to Acquire Mass Amounts of Knowledge- 3:30
    • Li Yilei- Nonage- 9:49
    • Li Yilei- Chu- 11:53
    • Madeleine Cocolas- Bodies 2- 16:30
    • Morning Loops (granular meditation)-29:25
    • Loula Yorke- Volta- 42:06
    • Nextdimensional- Halloween Party- 48:47
    • Nacht Plank- Echo Ark-53:56
  • episode 8: broken hearts and the meaning of life Aired: Sunday, November 26, 2023

    Secrets revealed, Betrayals exposed, Codes Deciphered, Shattered hearts mended with audible glues.

    • Dumbo Gets Mad- Makes You Fly- 8:52
    • The Meaning of Life- I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees- 14:59
    • Em Alone- Saving Up for You- 24:46
    • Andre 3000- I swear I really wanted to make a "rap" album but this is literally whte way the wind blew me this time- 34:30
    • REM- Crush with Eyeliner- 51:10
    • Oblique Occassions- Pattern of Rain- 55:47
  • Morning Loops - Episode 7 - 2023 Halloween Fundraiser! 5th Sunday Bonus Aired: Sunday, October 29, 2023

    The most horrific bloodbath! Howling wolves!
    Halloween Special!
    15,000 dollar goal!

    • Bob Dylan-Tangled Up in Blue-7:40
    • Whore's Skeleton-A Woman Scorned-14:00
    • Korouva-Haunted Heart-22:17
    • Korouva-Ghosts of Love-27:35
    • The Damned- Eloise-43:06
    • The Damned-Grimly Fiendish(Live at Woolwich Coronet)-51:34
    • Anima-Blood-55:47
  • Morning Loops episode 5 Aired: Sunday, August 27, 2023

    found tape sounds (sitar), (live chamber music recordings possibly from Japan) playing some bands I've seen play recently and going to see soon. And ambient tracks from the European continent and the Asian continent.

    • Georgie-Nothing-13:26
    • Ace of Wands- Reservoir of Loss- 15:47
    • Bad Bloom- paperwork-18:44
    • Mauskovic Dance Band- -22:34
    • Mauskovic Dance Band- -29:37
    • Floaty Friend-You're Not Alone Anymore -41:44
    • Warrington-Runcorn Newtown Development Plan- Old Hall-55:26
  • episode 2 Aired: Sunday, May 28, 2023

    Science Fiction, Fake Bands, Glitchy Sounds.

    Hear an Ai in a fake band...sort of.

  • episode 1 Aired: Sunday, April 30, 2023

    I finally saw Swiss Army Man last week and it has a beautiful soundtrack. Experimenting with some electric sounds, an old children songs record and some experimental tracks from lesser known artists