Non-Normal Vectors with Another Mike

***Special Statement***

This pandemic sucks. I feel for all of those who are suffering from the virus, and for those who have lost loved ones to it.

I also feel for those for whom the effects of the enforced social distancing is hurting.

I can't help everyone, and the whole idea that I'm even in a small position to help may be overblown - I am, after all, a new programmer on a low power community radio station.

I'm not going to forget the community aspect of it during these times. I have a mouthpiece for 3600 seconds a week, and if any of that time helps our local scene even the slightest, it's well worth it.

Effective 3/21, Non-Normal Vectors with Another Mike will be taking a hiatus from its Non-Normal format, and will be, temporarily, dedicated to Rochester/regional artists.

If you are a local artist, let's do this. Send me a message if you have stuff to play or if you want to stop by the studio to chat and/or introduce new material. Maybe even bring acoustic instruments for a short performance. I'd also love to have "live" recordings, perhaps while you're keeping the skills sharp you can tape 10-15 minute sets for broadcast. I'll also encourage collaboration - now may be a good time to experiment a little.

I hope I'll be able to accommodate everyone, but I know I won't and ask for your understanding. Just know that I'll do what I can for you.

I'm going to finally admit this - I'm an old bass turd. This summer I'll celebrate the passing of my 55th lap around the sun on this rock, and I've not seen anything like this before. The uncertainty of the situation, particularly the unknown duration, is troubling. What will make this easier is having each other's backs. Doing what you can for others will not only help them, but probably help you also. Let's be cool with everyone, get through this, then get back to normal.



P.S. wash your damn hands

***Special Statement***

Non-Normal Vectors with Another Mike is a weekly show dedicated to providing an outlet for up and coming local and national artists. Psychedelic pop/rock/whatever, some surf, garage, DIY, lo-fi, whatever sounds good, usually grouped into sonically similar sets, will be featured.

While most artists have been performing for just a few years, the show will also anchor the music with a throwback of some sort, hopefully when you least expect it!


{more to come}