Weekly Variety Show of music expressed by a theme. Every week a fresh look at the human condition, its components and variables, through song, sound, rhythms, and beats.

Past Episodes

  • Dub Reggae For A Winters Day Aired: Saturday, January 19, 2019

    This episode of PRISM showcases music by some of reggaes most prolific dub producers. Here you will find deep cuts by king Tubby, Cedric Im Brooks, The Roots Radics Band, Jackie Mittoo, and more. Tracklist below;
    Black Star - Astronomy (8th Light) 00:23
    Black Sabbath - Never Say Die 03:46
    Cruxshadows - Monsters 07:32
    Jackie Mittoo - Brain Mark 15:37
    Cedric Im Brooks - Picture On The Wall 18:27
    Cedric Im Brooks - One Essence 22:33
    Cedric Im Brooks - Silent Force 27:57
    Burning Spears - Walking (Version) 33:29

  • The Capricorn Aired: Saturday, January 12, 2019

    This episode of PRISM showcases music by folks born under a Capricorn sign, as well as music about MLK and Muhammad Ali. Tracklist below;
    - Capricorn Dub 04:56
    Lemmy Kilmister - Ace Of Spades 07:24
    Dolly Parton - Jolene 10:43
    Esther Phillips - Fever 14:57
    Nancy Dupree and a Group of Rochester Youngsters - Docta King 22:21
    Eurythmics - This City Never Sleeps 26:48
    Dennis Bovell feat. Janet Kay - Capricorn Woman 33:28
    Esther Phillips - Goin Out Of My Head 35:54
    Dennis Alcapone - Cassius Clay 43:45

  • A Third Trip Around The Sun; WAYO TURNS 3 Aired: Saturday, January 5, 2019

    Another year has passed, and WAYO begins its journey into its third year. Here are tracks highlighted from past episodes as well as music discovered and showcased throughout this past year. Tracklist below, and, enjoy;
    Mad Lion - Take It Easy 05:09
    Mad Lion - Take It Easy (Instrumental) 08:55
    Tullio De Piscopo - Medium Rock 12:18
    David Lynch - I Know 14:58
    Thee Oh Sees - Sticky Hulks 18:20
    Hans Dulfer & Ritmo Natural - Candy Clouds (Part One) 27:35
    The Movers - 100% 29:21
    Rikki Ililonga - Dark Sunrise 36:37

  • 2018-A Retrospective Aired: Saturday, December 29, 2018

    A quick showcase of music aired on PRISM from 2018. Happy New Year All. Tracklist below;
    Crustation - Purple 03:36
    J Dilla - Purple 13:22
    Sleepdealer - Dim Sum 14:38
    Doris and Kelley - You Don't Have To Worry 16:35
    Al Hirt - Harlem Hendoo 19:11
    Gosub - I Know You Know 21:40
    Thee Oh Sees - The Dream (Live@Pitchfork) 29:28
    The Plugz - Touch For Cash 35:13
    New Flesh For Old - 186000 Miles 37:58
    John Cameron - Liquid Sunshine 41:43

  • Neighborhoods; Brooklyn Bound Aired: Saturday, December 15, 2018

    In the second installment of the Neighborhood Series, PRISM showcases some music from Brooklyn. Here you will find artists such as Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Notorious BIG, Mel Torme, Black Moon, LCD Soundsystem, and more. Tracklist below;
    Black Moon - Who Got Da Props (Instrumental) 05:11
    Beastie Boys - Lighten Up 12:17
    Black Moon - Who Got Da Props (Instrumental) 12:27
    Brooklyn Slumlordz - Funky Relaxation 12:54
    Beatie Boys - Lighten Up 13:04
    Beastie Boys - Eugenes Lament 15:04
    Beastie Boys - Rickys Theme 17:28

  • Neighborhoods; Harlem Aired: Saturday, December 8, 2018

    In part one of a five part series exploring the musical heritage of NYC's neighborhoods, this episode of PRISM showcases music from Harlem. Here you will find music by Bobbi Humphrey, Ben E. King, Joe Cuba Sextet, Horace Silver, and more. Tracklist;
    Bobbi Humphrey - Harlem River Drive 04:18
    Harlem River Drive - Idle Hands 11:16
    Joe Cuba Sextet - Do You Feel It? 21:08
    Joe Cuba Sextet - Mujer Divina 23:29
    Ben E. King - Supernatural Thing Part 1 & 2 31:27
    A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We Got The) 42:08

  • What Would James Murphy Do? III Aired: Sunday, November 25, 2018

    Another balmy James Murphy inspired set of cool grooves, dance tracks, and other fun stuffings. Here you will find music by Paul McCartney, El Coco, Sandra De Sa, Crustation, and more. Tracklist below;
    Crustation - Purple (Mr. Scruff Remix) 03:26
    Lyn Christopher - Take Me With You 09:54
    Paul McCartney - Check My Machine 13:03
    Sandra De Sa - Olhos Coloridos 19:10
    Makam - The Hague Soul 23:33
    Legacy - Word Up 32:08
    Nu & Jo Ke - Who Loves The Sun (Original Mix) 50:15

  • What Would James Murphy Do? Aired: Saturday, November 17, 2018

    Another episodic dedicative mix of James Murphy inspired 80's dance numbers, disco, synth'd out afro-pop, techno, electronic music of nefarious funk, and much more. Tracklist below;
    The Pool - Jamaica Running 05:58
    Modern Romance - Can You Move 10:23
    Underground Resistance - Take Control 17:18
    Gosub - I Know You Know 22:33
    El Coco - Cocomotion 79 27:59
    El Coco - Afrodesia 37:32
    Ajukaja - Benga Benga 41:27
    Deborah Washington - Nothin But Drums 48:10
    James Murphy - Boiler Room 51:20
    Azymuth - Dear Limmertz 59:28

  • Spooked and Dubbed; A Halloween Affair Aired: Saturday, October 27, 2018

    This episode of Prism keeps it spooky for all the ghouls and frightful blobs and goblins with a mix of deep dark tracks from the early 90's dub electronic music scene of London and New York City, weird cuts from Vanity Records out of late 70's early 80's Japan, and spiked with some zombie movie scores. Tracklist below;
    Spectre - Spectre Meets Psycho Priest In The Temple Of Smoke 06:29
    Tino - Magic Dub 10:08
    Sympathy Nervous - Inverted Type 14:54
    Spectre - Pillars Of Smoke Return To The Temple 21:32
    Crooklyn Dub Consortium - Second Hand Science 28:36

  • Octobers Horror 1 Aired: Saturday, October 6, 2018

    Heres a hellfire mix of early 90's electronic dub from New York and England, some smashing punk, and other grotesque treats. Tracklist as follows;
    kutmah - Swamp Thing 06:02
    The Screamers - 122 Hours of Fear 14:27
    Brooklyn Dub Consortium - Wolf Dub 14:59
    The Screamers - 122 Hours of Fear 15:10
    David Lynch - The Night Bell With Lightening 22:27
    Tino - Doomsday Dub 23:13
    Tino - Wolfman Is Everywhere 28:45
    David Lynch - Pink Room 33:36
    Spectre - Pillars Of Smoke Return To The Temple 39:58
    Tino - Vampire Circus Dub 46:46