Rockin' Rochester

Fond of the obscure, Dave considers himself a champion of the underdog and realizes that there are lots of really great songs and music that most people will never hear because the music never reaches the masses. Well after many years of working down where the rubber meets the road Dave wants to share music from his collection. We're Diggin' for Gold in the underground music world!

This show will have a strong focus on regional music, but will also feature various music scenes from around the world showcasing musical hot spots!!

Past Episodes

  • Dave Anderson Hour...Rockin' Rochester! Episode #56 12-31-20 End of Year BLOWOUT! Hello 2021! Aired: Thursday, December 31, 2020

    Blowing out this year of infamy!
    C'mon 2021...Bring It On!
    Leslie West Tribute & Cool Music from Around The World!
    Featuring...The Vagrants, Mountain, Psychotic Turnbuckles, RAIN, Los Saicos, CAVEGIRLS, Witch, Pink Tiles, Eastern Time Zone, Thursday Children, & more!

  • Dave Anderson Hour...Rockin' Rochester! ...... Episode #1 - March 7, 2019. Aired: Thursday, March 7, 2019
    Debut show of the Dave Anderson Hour... Rockin' Rochester!
    Featuring all the underground Hits from Rochester, New York!!!

    The Tempests - Rockin' Rochester 0:00
    The Ferrets - Record Man 02:46
    Steve Alaimo - Blue Fire 05:11
    The Tempests - Lemon Lime 07:25
    Chesterfield Kings - Social End Product 10:17
    The Trillium - Queen Alice 11:47
    The Heard - Stop It Baby 16:20
    The Vistas - Moon Relay 18:49
    Fred Costello - Super Soul 20:53
    Armand Schaubroeck Steals - King Of The Streets 23:50