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Amateur artist and musician. Also known as Vanni. Since the 1970s Jack Porcello has been involved in performance and public speaking in Rochester. After a 30 year humanist ministry and educational career, his retirement began with him trying to relax and being very bored. So now he pursues hobbies with the same obsession he employed in everything in his life, as much as health allows.

Jack Porcello makes his home in Rochester, where he lives with his wife and cats. He has two daughters and three grandchildren.

Local art, teapots (around 100 or so), toy monkeys, books, and music are among his obsessions. Especially music. Lots of music. He apparently also enjoys referring to himself in the third person.

The study of humanity has always been his primary interest. Jack seeks peace, kindness, and living on the fringes. That's where the challenge of life is. And that's where true discovery is made.

Twitter: @djsinimin

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