Mark Rooney

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Born in Pennsylvania more than 300 years ago, critically acclaimed musician, television sitcom writer and radio personality, Mark Rooney, has his feet firmly planted in the rich, oxidized soil of Rochester, NY - and on main street, no less!

"I wasn't born as a wagon wheel," Mark Rooney has been quoted as saying, "and I wasn't born as a little boy, wearing shoes already. I strung up my bootlaces and grabbed my pail. I didn't even know how to tie them! Who is this?"

Speaking on his behalf, Chet Stephans has been quoted as confirming, "...well yeah, of course he's thrilled, why wouldn't he be thrilled? You think he's the kind of guy to go pwalpupzing [sic] around doing things he's not 100% thrilled about? This show is his life and he's very happy, no more questions, especially from you, Alan."

Mark Rooney lives near the center-ish of the city with three cats and two dogs. Gifts and snailmail can be sent to the WAYO studios (1237 East Main Street, Rochester NY 14607) He can be reached via electronic mail at