Numbers - Episode 277 - 2021-05-21

Loren Connors - Domain of the Wind pt 1 (10" on Family Vineyard)

Mary Lattimore - Til A Mermaid Drags You Under (from Silver Ladders LP on Ghostly International)

CIA Debutante - Kessler Syndrome (from Pier 7" on SDZ Records and Officine)

Eyes Of The Amaryllis ‎– Brine (from s/t cassette on Cor Ardens) (Esther Scanlund, Goda Trakumaite, Jim Strong, People Skills)

Graham Lambkin - Poems (For Voice and Tape) (originally on Kye - from the Solos boxset on Blank Forms)

Solmania - Highdropphobia (from 2x7" comp Japan Bashing Three on Public Bath, with Hijo Kaidan, Masonna and Hanatarash)

Hanatarash - Pointless Brosers and Sisters (from 7" on Public Bath)

Brotzmann, Van Hove, Bennink - Part D (Free Jazz Und Kinder LP on Tochnit Aleph‎)

No Neck Blues Band - Tacomind (Ever Borneo LP on Seres)

Kristin Thora - Current (from Heraldsdottir on VDSQ - Solo Acoustic Vol 14)

J. Burkett ‎– A1 (from cassette Me At Home (Zoloft Daze) on C/Site Recordings)

Skogar - No (from Paradise City Jams on Studio Barnhus from Stockholm Sweden)

Kohoutek - Double Star (from Jurad LP on FeedingTube and Cardinal Fuzz)

Collin / Donnelly / Griffin - duo (from Fort Orange CDR)

Jon Collin - Nioorts Nocturne 2 (from split LP with M. Mucci on The Tall House Recording Co.)

Bardo Pond - Before the Moon (from Peace on Venus LP on Fire)

Friday, May 21, 2021