Numbers - Episode 279 - 2021-06-04

Keijo - Pastures of Plenty (plays Woodys Songs cassette on Ikuisuus)

Neutral - Repa (from Gra Vag Gamlestaden on Grapefruit)

Blod - Svensk Orgel Musik (limited cassette on Grapefruit)

Blod - En Dejlig Tid Pa Aret (from Missuaxt on Grapefruit)

Pumice - Ahipara Spaniel (from Puddles Soft Abuse)

Euter - Magnetic Mammals (from split LP with Altaat on Ikuisuus)

Tongue Depressor - A Singing (from In the Quarter Column LP on Redscroll Records)

Bill Nace and Jon Collin - Live at Brickbat Books (CDR on Early Music)

Jack Rose - Calais to Dover (from I Do Play Rock and Roll on Three Lobed Recordings) 

Donald Miller - A Pseudoragaesque Pavanne (for Jack Rose - from Transgression on VDSQ)

Six Organs of Admittance - Somewhere in the Hex (from forthcoming LP The Veiled Sea on Three Lobed, part of the 20th anniversry series)

Maxine Funke - You Just Remind Me (from Felt, reissue on Digital Regress, orig on Epic Sweep)

The Kiwi Animal - Dust (from Mercy LP on Digital Regress, reissue from Massage Records in 1985)

Leda - Fistel (from s/t LP on Grapefruit, part of Endangered Titles Series - orig on Ingen Våg cassette 2014)

Skogar - Passing the Torch (from Paradise City Jams on Barnhus)

Shirese - The Glue Murder (from Three Going on Four LP on C/Site)

The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For The Man (from The Boston Tea Party 2LP)

The Dead C - Driver UFO (from Harsh 70's Reality 2LP on Siltbreeze)

Friday, June 4, 2021