Numbers - Episode 280 - 2021-06-11

Can - Drei (part 2) (from Live In Stuttgart 1975 - 3LP on Spoon)

Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (from Interstellar Overdrive Maximun Freak-Out on FREAK OUT) 

Shakali - Petojen Tavat (Petojen Tavat cassette on Ikuisuus)

Stefan Christensen - Loimaa VI (from Loimaa cassette on Garden Portal)

Jeffrey Alexander - Woozy Master (from Reyes cassette on Garden Portal)

Loren Connors and David Grubbs - The Ghost of Exquisite (from Arborvitae LP on Improved Sequence, reissue of CD on Hapna)

Jon Collin - Jörmungandr (from Water And Rock Music Volume II on Feeding Tube. Volumes 5-6 coming soon on Feeding Tube)

The Clean - Cooking Water (from Unknown Country on Merge - reissue from 1996)

The Clean - Loog (from Mister pop on Merge - reissue from 2009)

The Gordons - Spik and Span (from s/t LP reissue from 1981 on 1972 - early NZ)

Arv and Miljo - Kvar Bland Jordens Grus (from Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid LP on Omlott)

Dirty Three - Deep Waters (from Ocean Songs 2LP on Touch and Go)

Bardo Pond - Dragonfly (from Refulgo 2LP on Three Lobed - originally 7" on Compulsiv 1994)

Magik Markers - CDROM (from 2020 LP on Drag City)

P Wits - Untitled (from Rock 7" on Knotwilg and Independent Woman Records)

Friday, June 11, 2021