Numbers - Episode 273 - 2021-04-23

Loren Connors and David Grubbs - Arborvitae (title track from LP reissues on Improved Sequence)

Blod - Skam vol.2 (title track on Forfall)

Enhet For Fri Musik - Skilsmassa (from Omhet & Skilsmassa on Discreet - featuring Sofie Herner, Dan Johansson, Hugo Randulv, Gustaf Dicksson, Matthias Andersson)

Gate - Evening and Night (from Winter Songs LP on 8mm)

Arttu Partinen - Songs in the Attic (from split cassette with Amon Dude on Ikuisuus)

Crazy Doberman - Tale One in Five Parts - part 2 (from Two Tales of Lost Witness on Aguirre Records)

Tashi Dorji / Ian McColm / Frank Meadows - Night Brings Advice (The Power of Water cassette on Trouble in Mind - Explorers Series)

Chris Forsyth and The Solar Motel Band - Barstool Blues (Neil Young cover, from Rare Dreams Solar Live 2.27.18 at Cafe OTO on Algorithm Free)

Chalaque - Toeing the Water of a Chasmic Absence (from Sounds From the Other Ideology on Golden Lab Records)

Bill MacKay and Nathan Bowles - Dowsing (from Keys LP on Drag City - Bill originally from Rochester area, lives in Chicago now - Nathan is also in Black Twig Pickers)

Mason Lundahl - Distress (from Kissing Rosy in the Rain on Tompkins Square)

David Grubbs and Nikos Veliotis - The Harmless Dust Pt One (The Harmless Dust LP on Improved Sequence - Nikos on ebowed piano and Grubbs on Hammond Organ - originally from 2005 CD on Vectors, Headz)

Gretchen Gonzales - untitled (from DIFFICULT MESSAGES VOLUME TWO 4 x 7", clock, cd)

Wolf Eyes - untitled (from DIFFICULT MESSAGES VOLUME TWO 4 x 7", clock, cd)

A Handful of Dust - Authority Over All the Signs of the Earth (lathe cut - on Corpus Hermiticum)

Graeme Jefferies - Is the Timing Wrong? (original on Flying Nun from 1987, reissued by Ally Records)

Peter Jefferies - The Other Side of Reason (from The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World on DeStijl from 1991)

Friday, April 23, 2021