Numbers - Episode 275 - 2021-05-07

Rob Noyes and Joseph Allred - Feet of Clay and a Crown of Stars (from Avoidance Language LP on FeedingTube)

Natural Information Society with Evan Parker - I (from Descension (Out of Our Constrictions) on Eremite Records)

Don Cherry - Taste Maker (from Where is Brooklyn on Klimt out of France. recorded 1966) - 2 new 2LPs coming on Blank Forms soon

Kaoru Abe / Motoharu Yoshizawa / Toshinori Kondo / Derek Bailey - The Man From S.L.A.P.P.Y. (from Aida's Call on Starlight Furniture)

The Master Musicians of Joujouka - Into the Ahl Srif (on Ergot Records, 2012 recording)

Joe McPhee - Delta (from Trinity 1971 - CD reissue on Unheard Music Series / Atavistic - John Corbett in 2001)

Heart of the Ghost - Endless Scroll (Ian McColm, Jarrett Gilgore, Luke Stewart. from II on Dagoretti Records, run by Pete Larson of 25 Suaves, Couch, and Bulb Records fame)

Bill MacKay and Nathan Bowles - Idumea (from Keys LP on Drag City)

CJA and Anamaria - Life Sux

Sleep - Rain Soaked and Blue-Green  (both from A Lowtides Rising... Explorations ARound the Theme of NZ Acoustic Music 2LP on Fördämning Arkiv)

Daniel Bachman - Big Summer (from Axacan 2LP on Three Lobed - 20th Anniversary series)

Blodvite - Förnimmelser (from split LP with G. Dicksson on Järtecknet)

JR Bohannon / Ben Greenberg / Ryley Walker - For Michael Ripps (on Husky Pants)

Joseph Allred - Michael (title track on Feeding Tube)

Friday, May 7, 2021