Chat with three dynamic members of the American theatre scene on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion

Host Rachel DeGuzman chatted with special guests from the American theatre world including Bryan E. Glover on the phone from New York City, Mark Allan Davis from Ada, Ohio, and Annette Ramos in the WAYO studio on East Main Street in Rochester, NY. The topic of discussion was focused on issues related to diversity, inclusion and equity in American theatre.

The panel briefly discussed different perspectives and the recent controversy surrounding Tonya Pinkins walking away from previews of "Mother Courage." Other aspects of the issue that were discussed included colorblind casting, white creatives telling the stories of people of color, male creatives telling the stories of women, directorial authority as well as who produces and directs what, and who gets to make decisions.

This show originally aired at 11 am on January 12. Please note that there is a slight disruption to the conversation by a brief advertisement of some kind.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016