Activating Art and Justice

An on-air and online portal to unscripted, thought provoking conversations about the business, relevance, and sustainability of the arts in the 21st century. Guests will explore challenging issues as well as exciting opportunities for the arts and cultural sector to help address the civic agenda and, in collaboration with other sectors, build a more vibrant and inclusive community. Contact Up Close and Cultural host, Rachel DeGuzman, at

Past Episodes

  • "Thomas and Sally" "Thomas and Sally" and more, part 2, a conversation with Kaja Amado Dunn and Reenah Golden Aired: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

    WAYO "Up Close and Cultural' host Rachel DeGuzman discussed black women in the United States, a white supremacist patriarchal society, and theatre that does not harm them. Historically and today. This expansive conversation was inspired by the recent controversy about the play "Thomas and Sally" and the courageous, savvy, collective response from a group of San Francisco Bay Area Black women theatre makers. This episode was part 2 of a continued conversation that featured special guests Kaja Amado Dunn and Reenah Golden.

  • DeGuzman chats with filmmaker Linda Moroney Aired: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's "Up Close and Cultural" host Rachel DeGuzman chatted with filmmaker Linda Moroney of Low to the Ground production company about her work and the power of film to shape perceptions and the national narrative.

    The photo in this post is of Linda Moroney.

  • DeGuzman chats with Annette Ramos about LTC convening Aired: Tuesday, December 6, 2016

    WAYO 104.3 FM’s “Up Close and Cultural” host Rachel DeGuzman chatted with Rochester based arts leader Annette Ramos about the recent LTC convening in New York City. For more about LTV, go to the following link -

    This episode of “Up Close and Cultural” originally aired on December 6, 2016 from the WAYO studio in Rochester, New York.

  • DeGuzman chats with Natalie Rogers about Garth Fagan Dance home season and more Aired: Tuesday, November 22, 2016

    WAYO 104.3 FM's "Up Close and Cultural" host Rachel Deguzman chatted with Natalie Rogers about the upcoming Garth Fagan Dance season at Nazareth, November 30 to December 4. For more information about Garth Fagan Dance at Nazareth, go to or buy tickets at

  • DeGuzman celebrates 1st anniversary of show with Davis, McLeod and Warfield Aired: Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman celebrated the one year anniversary of WAYO and Up Close and Cultural with a conversation that featured Thomas Warfield, Mark Allan Davis, and Sean McLeod. This group of cultural workers and educators discussed the power of adding many inclusive perspectives/voices in the sector to inform the narrative of who we are as a people-especially in the wake of the recent presidential election.

  • DeGuzman chats with Gaynelle Wethers about the importance of voting Aired: Tuesday, November 1, 2016

    DeGuzman and Wethers discussed the history of voting rights in this country, various methods (historical and contemporary) of voter suppression and they concluded that in addition to voting being a constitutional right, it is also a civic responsibility.

    How is this connected to arts and culture, which is the primary focus of this radio show? The arts/culture sector is as impacted by voting and who serves as an elected official as every other aspect of human society.

  • DeGuzman chats with independent filmmaker Mara Ahmed Aired: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's "Up Close and Cultural" host Rachel DeGuzman spoke with Pakistani American artist and independent filmmaker Mara Ahmed about Ahmed's documentary films. Her international production company, Neelum Films, is based in Rochester, New York.

    The conversation was focused on Ahmed's latest film, "A Thin Wall." To view the trailer, go to this link -

  • A chat with Carol White Llewellyn of Conversations with Creatives Aired: Tuesday, October 4, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's "Up Close and Cultural" host Rachel DeGuzman chatted with Carol White Llewellyn for a discussion about her commitment to promoting the arts in greater Rochester, New York. They discussed award-winning cable TV program-"Conversations with Creatives," which airs on RCTV, as well as her new position as editor of "Beyond the Nest."

  • DeGuzman talks #BlackGirlMagic with Reenah Golden, N'Jelle Gage and Jackie Moe Aired: Wednesday, September 28, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel Deguzman talked #BlackGirlMagic with N’Jelle Gage, Reenah Golden and Jackie Moe. They discussed the international movement and what it means to them as Black women and, specifically, as female artists of color.

    This episode was broadcast on September 27, 2016 from the WAYO 104.3 studio in Rochester, New York.

  • Guest-host Thomas Warfield talks impact of creativity in making changes in community Aired: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

    Up Close and Cultural guest-host Thomas Warfield hosted a lively conversation on the impact of creativity in making change in a community. His guests included the following Rochester based cultural workers - Raul Siro Ferreira (Fashion Designer), Arturo David Hoyle (Photographer) and Shawn Dunwoody (Senior Visual Designer/Visual Storyteller at DUNWOODE Visual Consulting). Up Close and Cultural technical assistant joined the conversation sharing her perspectives as dancer, actor and educator.