Guest-host Thomas Warfield talks impact of creativity in making changes in community

Up Close and Cultural guest-host Thomas Warfield hosted a lively conversation on the impact of creativity in making change in a community. His guests included the following Rochester based cultural workers - Raul Siro Ferreira (Fashion Designer), Arturo David Hoyle (Photographer) and Shawn Dunwoody (Senior Visual Designer/Visual Storyteller at DUNWOODE Visual Consulting). Up Close and Cultural technical assistant joined the conversation sharing her perspectives as dancer, actor and educator.

This show aired on September 20. 2016 from the WAYO 104.3 FM studio in Rochester, New York. This post was written by Rachel DeGuzman at the Smooch Café in Brooklyn, New York. I just had to share that because the café is as adorable as the name.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016