"Thomas and Sally" "Thomas and Sally" and more, part 2, a conversation with Kaja Amado Dunn and Reenah Golden

WAYO "Up Close and Cultural' host Rachel DeGuzman discussed black women in the United States, a white supremacist patriarchal society, and theatre that does not harm them. Historically and today. This expansive conversation was inspired by the recent controversy about the play "Thomas and Sally" and the courageous, savvy, collective response from a group of San Francisco Bay Area Black women theatre makers. This episode was part 2 of a continued conversation that featured special guests Kaja Amado Dunn and Reenah Golden.

This episode was broadcast on November 7, 2017 from the WAYO studio in Rochester, NY. The image in this post is of Reenah Golden speaking on "Thomas and Sally" on "Up Close and Cultural."

Tuesday, November 7, 2017