Activating Art and Justice

An on-air and online portal to unscripted, thought provoking conversations about the business, relevance, and sustainability of the arts in the 21st century. Guests will explore challenging issues as well as exciting opportunities for the arts and cultural sector to help address the civic agenda and, in collaboration with other sectors, build a more vibrant and inclusive community. Contact Up Close and Cultural host, Rachel DeGuzman, at

Past Episodes

  • A conversation about how we value art,how it is funded, who gets funding and why it matters Aired: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman had a conversation with Janice Gouldthorpe, Margot Muto, Doug Rice and Thomas Warfield about how we value arts and culture, how it is funded, who gets funded and why it matters. This on-going conversation was most recently inspired by a article entitled -Who makes up the 1%? In the arts, it's the bureaucrats, but the dialogues will not be limited to that narrow frame of exploration.

  • A look at familial attitudes and other formational influences on artists Moe and Warfield Aired: Tuesday, May 31, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman chatted with the show’s technical assistant Jackie Moe - who will periodically join her on air in the coming months. Aside from Moe's day job in early childhood education and her role as the mother of a pre-teen son, she is an actress and dancer as well as the only artist in a family of non-artists. Listener's got to know Jackie better and learned more about her artistic journey.

  • Rochester Dreaming with DeGuzman and Warfield Aired: Tuesday, May 24, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman was joined by frequent guest and guest-host Thomas Warfield for a little “Rochester Dreaming.” During the hour long show DeGuzman and Warfield were inspired by the Rochester region’s 19th Century utopian past and chatted about what the arts and cultural sector of their dreams looks like in our community, for the 21st Century. This conversation was not a simplistic criticism of what is - because even something that is pretty darn good, excellent even, gets better and has more longevity when you dream a little.

  • A conversation about Yellow Face, Brown Face, the Model Minority myth and more Aired: Tuesday, May 17, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman welcomed New York State based artists - Nancy Gong, Kyoung H. Park, and Nandita Shenoy for a conversation on issues of discrimination, diversity, inclusion, and equity for artists of Asian descent in America.

  • DeGuzman, Gage-Thorne and Moe discuss Beyonce's Lemonade and the woman card Aired: Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's "Up Close and Cultural" host Rachel DeGuzman chatted with artist N’Jelle Gage-Thorne and the show’s technical director Jackie Moe about current issues in popular culture and politics that are relevant especially to women. They discussed Beyoncé’s "Lemonade" and just what is a “woman’s card” and, if it is really a thing, how and when is it played.

    This show aired at 11 am on May 3 and was broadcast from the WAYO 104.3 FM studio in Rochester, New York.

  • A chat with Rachel DeGuzman and N'Jelle Gage re motherhood and creativity Aired: Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman chatted with N’Jelle Gage-Thorne, co-founder, creative director, choreographer and dancer at FuturPointe Dance. They discussed the joys and challenges of motherhood especially as related to N’Jelle’s creative vision and processes as well as her work at FuturPointe Dance.

    This show was broadcast at 11 am on April 26, 2016 from the WAYO 104.3 studio in Rochester, New York with technical assistant Jackie Moe in the studio and host Rachel DeGuzman calling in from New York City.

  • Rachel DeGuzman chats with Rochester based dancer, choreographer and educator - Missy Pfohl Smith Aired: Tuesday, April 19, 2016

    104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman chatted with dancer, choreographer and educator, Missy Pfohl Smith. They discussed Missy’s work as artistic director and choreographer of BIO/DANCE, including the recent BIO/DANCE & Social Justice project, as well as the exciting growth of the Program of Dance and Movement at the University of Rochester - which she also leads.

    During the conversation, Pfohl Smith shared breaking news with DeGuzman and her listeners- that the University of Rochester will soon launch two new dance majors.

  • Thomas Warfield chats with the multi-talented Sean McLeod Aired: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    Up Close and Cultural guest-host Thomas Warfield welcomed Sean McLeod, president and CEO of the New York Institute of Dance and Education for a chat about his career, organization and the up coming New York Dance Festival in Auburn, New York.

    The photo in this post is of Sean McLeod.

  • Up Close and Cultural with Rochester based, international composer, music artist midnight Aired: Tuesday, April 5, 2016

    Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman welcomed Rochester based, international music artist midnight for a discussion on what it is like to be a recording artist living outside of the major industry centers as well as how 21st century technology informs his art and facilitates global collaborations. They talked about last year’s EP "XII Labors" as well as his upcoming EP "0:00" (pronounced double-oh-zero) .

    Follow midnight on Facebook at mdnt and on Twitter as itsmidnight. His music can be downloaded on several online platforms.

  • An exploration of the intersection of art, community and engagement on Up Close and Cultural Aired: Tuesday, March 29, 2016

    WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel Deguzman was joined by Shawn Dunwoody of DUNWOODE Visual Consulting, Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez of Borinquen Dance Theatre, and Debora McDell-Hernandez of the Memorial Art Gallery for a discussion on art and culture engaging with, enriching and building community.

    Up Close and Cultural also welcomed its new technical assistant - Jackie Moe, who has come on board with the show to help DeGuzman make it more polished.