An exploration of the intersection of art, community and engagement on Up Close and Cultural

WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel Deguzman was joined by Shawn Dunwoody of DUNWOODE Visual Consulting, Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez of Borinquen Dance Theatre, and Debora McDell-Hernandez of the Memorial Art Gallery for a discussion on art and culture engaging with, enriching and building community.

Up Close and Cultural also welcomed its new technical assistant - Jackie Moe, who has come on board with the show to help DeGuzman make it more polished.

-For more about Borinquen Dance Theatre and information about its 35th Anniversary Gala on April 16, 2016, go to this link

-For more about DUNWOODE Visual consulting, go to this link - For more information about Scavenger Pump -

-For more about the Memorial Art Gallery, its inspiring Beauty exhibition and related events as well as MAG's Family Days - go to this link,

Tuesday, March 29, 2016