A look at familial attitudes and other formational influences on artists Moe and Warfield

WAYO 104.3's Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman chatted with the show’s technical assistant Jackie Moe - who will periodically join her on air in the coming months. Aside from Moe's day job in early childhood education and her role as the mother of a pre-teen son, she is an actress and dancer as well as the only artist in a family of non-artists. Listener's got to know Jackie better and learned more about her artistic journey.

Thomas Warfield joined the conversation and his background and experience provided an interesting contrast to Moe as he was raised in a family of artists.

This show was inspired by a prior conversation about Moe being the only artist in her family and a curiosity about why families of color and other marginalized people seem to be more averse than white families to their children pursuing careers in the arts and cultural sector.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016