Numbers - Episode 387 - 2024-01-19

Bardo Pond - Circuit VIII (part 1) (from Adrop/Circuit VIII 2LP on Three Lobed)

The Velvet Underground - Foggy Notion (from The 2nd Fret LP - fan pressing)

Astute Palate - Stall Out (from the s/t LP on Stoned To Death)

Margaret Explosion - Disappear (from Per La Prima LP on Earring)

Liam Grant - Repaying Old Debts (from Swung Heavy: Gitarr For Fanatics CD on Sound-o-mat)

Abdul Wadud - Expansions (from By Myself LP on GottaGroove)

Bill Orcutt, Tashi Dorji, Joe McPhee - untitled (from A Mouth At Both Ends on Palilalia)

Mike Gangloff - Moon Home / Yew Piney Mountain (from split 7" with Liam Grant on Sound-o-mat)

Matt Krefting - Just to Have Him Around  (from Finer Points LP on Open Mouth)

Sandoz Lab Technicians - Approaching Mir (from The Tale Of Pixielanb CD on The Lotus Sound)

Reynols - Live in Argentina (from the Live in Argentina cassette on DIHD)

only vernal pools - even the night moth (from forthcoming 7" comp)

Doramaar - Jury (from the Jury / I Will Not Disappear Into You 7" lathe cut, self-released)

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - 2x4s (from the These Things Remain Unassigned 2LP on Bulbous Monocle)

Century Plants - Drifting From The Attic (from Infinite Eligible Myseteries CDR on Music Your Mind Will Love You)

Amon Duul - chaoticolour (from Disaster 2LP reissue on OHR)

Codeine - Pea (from Frigid Stars LP on Sub Pop)

Friday, January 19, 2024