A chat with Mark Nerenhausen about art, culture and the civic agenda

Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman welcomed guest Mark Alan Nerenhausen for a discussion about the underleveraged power of the arts and the sectors potential impacts beyond galleries and concert halls. They explored opportunities for arts and culture to be at multiple tables, to strategically work with other business sectors, and help address issues in the civic agenda, which contribute to vital communities.

The Janklow Arts Leadership Program offers a 15-month master’s program that awards both a M.A. and a CAS in Arts Leadership. The interdisciplinary Janklow programs operate at the intersection of arts administration and social entrepreneurship. Janklow is distinctive because it explores the arts in full civic contexts, not just as isolated disciplines.

This show was aired on January 26 at 11 am in Rochester, New York.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016