Numbers - Episode 366 - 2023-01-27

Joseph Allred - A Long Winter (from What Strange Flowers Grow in the Shade LP on Feeding Tube)

Blood Quartet - Angel of the Odd (from Root 7 LP on Feeding Tube)

Jef Mertens - Hapering (from No Mathematics LP on Feedding Tebe and Kraak)

Jackie-O Motherfucker - Breakdown (from Manual of the Bayonet LP on Feeding Tube)

Passed Futurist - Pedestrian Street Hustle (from the Lost Naturist cassette on AKTI)

Sandoz Lab Technicians - Fuck Me Silly (from the Plastic Carved Out in the Shape of the Music 2CD on Fordamning Archiv)

Flies Inside The Sun - May 1968 (from Le Mal D'Archive CD on Metonymic)

LAFMS - Pistol Grips For Expandable Cowboys Part II (from 35 S. Raymond Ave 1976 LP on Alga Marghen)

The Cosmic Jokers - Der Planet Des Sternenmadchens (from Planeten Sit-In LP on Kosmische Kuriere)

Bruce Russell and Ralf Wehowsky - Deathbed Blues (from Midnight Crossroads Tape Recorder Blues CD on A Bruit Secret)

Equipment Pointed Ankh - From Inside The House (from From Inside The House LP on Bruit Direct Disques)

Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San - Alpha (from 25/12/2013 LP on Bruit Direct Disques)

Ken Brenninger / Bill Nace Duo - Duo (cassette on Outlier Communications)

The Hams - Thanks Giving (from the Giving Thanks / Thanks Giving LP on Zauis Tapes)


Friday, January 27, 2023