The Body Is Like A Book: Interview w/Ginger David, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Black women, we — [it’s] hard to let control go. We gotta have it all. We gotta be all. But, you gotta give certain places that chance to educate you and help you get to where you’re comfortable coming in and getting massaged, you know who’s massaging you every time you come in and they know what your body texture is like or what lotion to use — education is I guess the best key for African [American] women to use when it comes to these things..." -Ginger David, Licensed Massaged Therapist (LMT)

Not only does a professional massage feel good, this healing modality can allow you to discover patterns in your body that could be leading to oncoming injury, and release tension related to trauma. Ginger David, LMT joins me in the studio to talk about the medicinal reasons to get a massage and some practical tips to help you have the best massage experience possible. One thing I learned: in some cases, some LMT’s practices accept insurance or bill your HSA.

Thursday, March 5, 2020