A conversation about the "D" word and other issues of equity that were raised at Dance/NYC symposium

Up Close and Cultural host Rachel DeGuzman had a probing conversation with “KB” (Karen Brown), executive director of Garth Fagan Dance, Thomas Warfield, founder and artistic director of PeaceArt International, in the studio and Mark Allen Davis, assistant professor at Ohio Northern University – on the phone, calling in from Chicago, Illinois. The esteemed panel discussed evolving perspectives about the use of the “D" word (diversity) and other pressing issues of equity and inclusion in the arts and cultural sector that were raised at the recent Dance/NYC 2016 symposium. Both KB and DeGuzman attended the symposium on February 28.

Because they ran out of time, the panel will reconvene later this month for part 2 of this conversation.

Friday, March 11, 2016