Liminal ZoneOut 001 [!] March 16th 2019

My very first show! Woody was in the studio with me showing me the ropes and all the fancy buttons that control the soundfx. Lots of fun was had and lots of regulations were learned! Woohoo! Here's to killing dead air!


<The God Hour wrap-up>

George Clanton - Livin' Loose

Devata Daun - Later in the Day

MGMT - Little Dark Age

Andi Otto - Bow Wave

I Tpame I Tvame - Ikin Viljne

Max Graef & Glenn Astro - No Tricks

Chino - Platenbau

Skee Mask - Session Add

Rosalia - Malamente

The Internet - Stay the Night

Marie Davidson & Lamusa II - La Ecstase

Helena Deland - Claudion

Kadajane - Snow is Jazz

Uwalmassa - Untitled 07

Public Practice - Foundation (Austin Brown Remix)

Anna Cook - Underwater Phonecall

Saturday, March 16, 2019