Ridiculous Radio Show March 17, 2021

Marc Lanegan Band - Disbelief Suspension
Suzi Quatro - The Wild One
Girlschool - Future Flash
Nazareth - The Ballad of Hollis Brown
Black Lips - Hooker Jon
Motörhead - (Don't Need) Religion
Firesign Theatre - Everything You Know is Wrong - alien invasion
Judas Priest - Invader
Judas Priest - Sinner
Suzi Quatro - Devil Gate Drive
Amyl And The Sniffers - Some Mutts (Can't Be Muzzled)
George Carlin - Schmucks
Spinal Tap - Sex Farm
Iggy Pop - Corruption
Caroline Rose - Money
Kim Gordon - Murdered Out
Ramones - We Want The Airwaves
Dr. Steve Brule - Living on Your Lonesome
Ramones - We Want The Airwaves
George Carlin - ... on the FCC
Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away
Larry Wallis - Police Car
Motörhead - Iron Fist
Mark Lanegan Band - Night Flight to Kabul
Ken Nordine - Coffee
Butthole Surfers - Johnny Smoke
Johnette Napolitano - Singing is Fire
Negativland - Become What You Hear
The Slits - FM
T. Rex - Buick Mackane

Thursday, March 18, 2021