Someone's Utopia: Interview with Joe Hall

Joe Hall is back in the studio to discuss his latest book Someone's Utopia out from Black Ocean Press. We talk about utopian societies, remixing interviews, and more.


About Joe Hall:

Joe Hall is a writer, researcher, and educator in Buffalo and Ithaca, New York.

He is the author of three collections of poetry: Someone’s Utopia, The Devotional Poems, and Pigafetta Is My Wife (Black Ocean  2013 & 2010). With Chad Hardy, he co-authored The Container Store Vols I & II (SpringGun 2012). With Cheryl Quimba, he co-authored May I Softly Walk (Poetry Crush 2014). With Ryan Kaveh Sheldon and Angela Veronica Wong, he runs Hostile Books, a publishing collective dedicated to radical materiality.

Hall has taught community based creative writing workshops through the Worker Center in Buffalo and Just Buffalo Literary Center. He has eight years of university teaching experience including introductory, intermediate, and advanced creative writing workshops as well as environmental literature.

Hall received a PhD in Literature from the University at Buffalo, SUNY in 2018 where he wrote a dissertation on liquid commons in literature. In 2015, The Journal of Post Colonial Studies published his article on figures of water and waste in Palestinian literature.

Thursday, March 29, 2018