Making Power Moves In the Rochester Arts: Interview w/WOC Art Founder Rachel DeGuzman

"One of the things that’s critical is to stop listening to any noise from other people…you see the powerful women that are now on Capitol Hill and not really letting people, as much as they’re trying to slap people down and not let them have fresh perspectives, they’re not letting them. I think we have to make that same kind of shift now too, we cannot let people that are stuck in 1980...determine the future of the arts in Rochester, because the fact is, is that... we have voices and now we have space, and we have a collaborative and we’re moving forward.” --Rachel DeGuzman

Rochester artivist and leader Rachel DeGuzman joins me to talk about the ways lack of equity is affecting artists of color and what true equity looks like, de-centering whiteness in the arts, the inspiration and mission behind the WOC Art collaborative, the loaded term "women of color," and the upcoming world premiere of the theater production Things Went Horribly Wrong, which will highlight these themes.

Thursday, April 11, 2019