Non-Normal Vectors with Another Mike, ROCMusic edition #4

A few new/recent releases from Rochester artists, and a (fixed from original broadcast) interview with the members of The Stone Lows. #ListenLocal
The Dirty Pennies - I'm Giving Up
King Buffalo -  Dead Star
The Stone Lows -   Pressure
The Stone Lows -   Vacuum
The Stone Lows -   Talking to Myself
The Stone Lows -   Insanity
King Crimson -   Indiscipline
Periodic Table of Elephants -   CBT
Cab Calloway -   Reefer Man
Maybird -   Don't Keep Me Around
Saint Free -   Wait
CD Rom - Deprogram
Super Rich Kids - Honey
Time Toad -   Hidden Creek
Saturday, April 18, 2020