WAYO Play (Aloud) Show 044

Writings from The New Farmer's Almanacs 2019 and 2017 [ from The Greenhorns ] are read aloud. More at https://greenhorns.org/

Music from Jonas Bonnetta "All This Here" along with Master Vyas "Jala Tarang" • R. Singh Bikhul "Been" • Jack Armstrong" Chevy Chase/The Cott" • A. Kostis "Kaike Ena Sholio • Aliwal North Sesuto Choir "Setsepise Ngoanan" from the Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol 1-5: 1925-48 compiled by Pat Conte.

Joined by Alexandria Mockbee [ https://www.alexandriamockbee.com/ ]

Part of WAYO FM Rochester, NY. Sundays 10-11am EST monthly or more. Send any drawings, writings or thoughts from listening to wayoplay@wayofm.org

Sunday, May 19, 2019