Numbers - Episode 20 - 2016-05-20

Sets featuring music of the Trip Metal Fest, and underground Aussie rock.

Gnod - Sodom and Gomorrah
Bremen - Events and Non-Events
Wolf Eyes - Asbestos Youth
Morton Subotnick - Silver Apples of the Moon (1967)
Sick Llama - Eternal Daze (from Gods of Thundra boxset)
Licker - Dancing in the Half Sick Shadows (Birthday)
Metalux - Violet Rays (feat. MV Carbon)
Hieroglyphic Being - Kilometer Zero
Spykes - Resting Houses Live (John Olson)
Magas - Checkers (playing with Viki)
Charles Hayward - Lopside
Nate Young - Comes Unbidden
Behavior - Outfit
Total Control - Carpet Rash
Scott and Charlenes Wedding - Born to Lose
Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Wet Cement
Deaf Wish - Dead Air
The Clean - Home
Peter Gutteridege - Lonely
Mick Turner - All Gone
Bardo Pond - Undone

Friday, May 20, 2016