Essence, Vulnerability and Being Weird: Interview With Photographer Cocoa Rae David

"It was tough to explain that to people when you start out a series because when people hear ‘nudity,’ people automatically think—people have their ideas…but the point I make sure to let them know is that’s not what I’m trying to do, like, that is not the purpose of my series…it’s supposed to get people to revel in their existence." 
--Cocoa Rae David on her Pigment Series.

Cocoa Rae David joins me to talk about her Pigment Series, the goal of her bold, vibrant, passionate photos and how she has used art to make lasting connections in the communities where she's studied and worked. We discuss fashion shows, photographing influencers, and what it looks like when uplifting black women artists really works.

Thursday, June 6, 2019