Numbers - Episode 23 - 2016-06-17

psych, loud rock, indigenous trance/spiritual music, electronic, ebm, etc

Bardo Pond - Destroying Angel
Richard Davis - Methane Sea - Aftermath
Gate - Have Not
Zikr - Uyghur spiritual music
Drainolith - No Name (Dany Kane's Blues)
Guru Guru - Electric Junk
Comets on Fire - The Bee and the Cracking Egg
The Master Musicians of Joukouka - pull up your belt and dance
The Bali Sessions - Kepandung Sita
Noxagt - Pantyland
Brainiac - Bonzai Superstar
Kaleidoscope - Test Signal
Illusion of Safety - Closer to Home
Christian Fennesz - sZ
Pita - 20150609 l
Inhalants - Deep Florida
Secret Boyfriend - Memorize the Well
Corporate Park and Beau Wanzer - Mr Measles
Corporate Park and Beau Wanzer - Helium Handicap
JBLA - Night With Potential (Vereker Remix)
Prurient - In the Ruins of My Brother

Friday, June 17, 2016