Christian Karega Is Making Beauty Safer and More Effective For Black Women w/Ayur Luxe

"...a whole swath of products on the market…have ingredients or chemicals that are linked to cancer, weight gain, asthma, fertility issues…We’re gonna get into just how prolific African American women are in this market. I think that we have to be players in it, because a lot of times products are made for us but not by us...and so that’s why I think there’s just such an important call right now to just make sure that we are cleaning up the products to the extent that’s possible." -Christian Karega

Ayur Luxe founder Christian Karega shared her natural hair journey and how her path to entrepreneurship grew out of this. For all of y'all that love to research your beauty products extensively before trying, this conversation is full of science and history and personal stories to help you weigh your options. For anyone interested in entrepreneurship Christian has a few gems for you too. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 25, 2019