The 'B' Was Always There: Black Bi and Polyam Relationships w/Radio Host Bri Milon

“We’re too okay with pretending, we don’t wanna talk, we don’t wanna have the hard conversations. My family, they’d rather just not hear about it…we already have this historical trauma that’s plagued our community, we don’t wanna deal with the things... that’s intertwined in our making, in our being…we’re not acknowledging certain relationships, we’re not acknowledging certain people’s ways of life. We have a peace of mind and we don’t wanna shake that. We wanna keep our peace of mind at every cost…cause it’s so hard to get." --Bri Milon

Bri Milon, host of Fat, Black and Femme on WXIR, joined me in the studio to talk Bi visibility and Polyam dating culture in the black community. We *really* got into it. She shares generously and gives powerful insight during this interview, and every week on her show, Tuesdays at 2pm on WXIR,, or on the Tune In App.

Thursday, September 5, 2019