Masculinity in 2019 and Beyond Feat. Javi Mason and Taurus Savant

"It’s very important to embrace both your masculine and feminine energy. You can’t be one without the other and they complement one another. And I feel like a lot of folks have forgotten that because of...what we learn from our society…we are to get back to that, we are to basically realize that they complement one another. They make us whole and when you honor that, you honor your divinity, you honor yourself.” -Javi Mason

"The biggest issue as it pertains to masculinity is how it’s upheld for a man to be attracted to certain types of women…or he can’t be attracted to — I guess — whomever he chooses to be attracted to, or else he’ll be laden in shame, or he’ll be ridiculed by his friends or his family… When it comes to black trans women…they’re being murdered because of shame…" -Taurus Savant

I discuss masculinity's underlying and under-addressed issues and the masculinity we want to see, w/ Intuitive Medium & Author Javi Mason, and Musician, Producer & Activist, Taurus Savant.

Thursday, November 14, 2019