Numbers - Episode 200 - 2019-11-29

Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Susan Alcorn, Joe McPhee, Ken Vandermark - Rise and Rise
Pelt - untitled
Cabaret Voltaire - Partially Submerged
Gong Gong Gong - Sound of Love
Egypt is the Magick # - Sirius Transmission
Masonna - Shinsen Na Clitoris
Slogun - This is It, Right Here
Hijokaidan - King of Noise
Lightning Bolt - Bouncy House
Lake of Dracula - plague of frogs
Viands - The Gifting of VA
NNCK - Fino Ala Strada Vecchia
Matthew Rolin - Blue Columbus Moon
The High Sheriffs - Don't Go Back To the Church House
Steve Gunn, Ryan Jewell, Ryley Walker - Flops in NYC



Friday, November 29, 2019