Numbers - Episode 201 - 2019-12-06

Jack Rose - Pearls from the Black River
Mike Gangloff - The Other Side of Catawba
Joseph Allred - Dr. Ragtime in the House of Death
Pelt - Keyhole II
Loren Connors - Chant 1
Loren MazzaCane Connors - The Carmelites
Center - side 1
Bridget Hayden - Buried Breath
Roy Montegomery - Rain Shadow Near Christchurch
Dominic Coppola - Blissed in Suspense
Pumice - The Dawn Chorus of Kina
Willie Lane - The Path Through the Forest
Anthony Pasquarosa - Silent Night
Jordan Perry - Boriska
Cal Hand - They Only Moved the Stage
Kukangendai - Singou
Bill MacKay and Katinka Kleijn - No One Here is a Stranger
Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society - In Memory's Prism
Jack Rose - Yaman Blues



Friday, December 6, 2019