The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour: 12/19/2018

good morning! thrilled with this week's episode of The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour. the first three songs are some of the most beautiful and devastating ones on the PLANET! tune in! thanks!
Nana Grizol - Motion in the Ocean
Sparklehorse - Gold Day
Jay Som - Turn The Other Cheek
Kingling - Destroy Yrself
Gouge Away - Stray/Burnt Sugar
Infinity Crush - Over You
Missing Earth - Parliament of Trees
Supercrush - I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore
Great Grandpa - Ram
Mitski - Remember My Name
Tancred - Queen of New York
Thin Lips - Smoking's For Quitters
Soccer Mommy - Skin
Lexie - It's Nothing
Inner Wave - Bower
Wednesday, December 19, 2018