A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind

Sound collage, remixes, mashups, transmission interruptions, sound bites, absurdist comedy, creepy pasta, obscure cuts, rare music ad infinitum, ad nauseum. A megamashstravaganza of smorgish propontortions. Follow Comrade Crabtree and the swind squad on Facebook, Ello and Soundcloud

Past Episodes

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #15 Aired: Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones - Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin Release -
    Easy Rider - [excerpt]
    Water Into Wine Band - I Have Seen The Lord
    Norman Greenbaum - 'Spirit In The Sky' (greg wilson edit)
    O.T. Genasis - Coco (DIY Acapella)
    Trillbeatz - Unbeatable
    Tommy Wisseau - CNN interview [excerpt]
    Lil Wayne - Gucci Gucci
    MIA - Fire Bam (Diplo Mix)
    Stephen Hawking - The Wow! Signal with WOW signal audio
    Anti-homelessness broadcast interruption during the Voice
    Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker The Berry (Clean version)

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #14 Aired: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

    Sia vs.Lykke Li & The Magician - Follow Your Hands (VIC MashUp)
    I feel like dying - Lil wayne
    DJ Raptror - Fresh Prince of Alabama - Sweet Home Alabama Fresh Prince
    CSNY - Southern Man (live)
    CNN - story about KKK (excerpt)
    Neil Yong - Alabama
    Neil Young - Interview with CBC (excerpt)
    Lil Wayne - Help
    DJ Magnet - With a Little Help from Sublime
    John Lennon - Love
    John Lennon and Yoko Ono - interview from the Dick Cavett show (excerpt)
    Skrillex - Sexual Seduction
    Flying Lotus - MmmHmm

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #13 Aired: Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    Brian Watcher - Hip Hop Instrumental Rap Beat for the dead poet Rainer Maria Rilke
    Beyoncé - Naughty Girl [Acapella]
    A.R. Electrik - Tearin' Up My Heart (Official Dubstep Remix) NSYNC - Remix
    Celina Gonzalez y Reutilio - Que Viva Fidel
    Kayagum - Kim Kum Song
    Home Movies - Coach McGuirk clip
    KANYE WEST - All Day at BRIT AWARDS 2015
    Imagine Dragons vs. Kendrick Lamar - Radioactive Swimming Pools mashup by Isosine
    David Icke - 'DON'T MENTION THE REPTILIANS' [excerpt]
    Slavoj Zizek - A Pervert's Guide to Ideology [excerpt]

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #12 Aired: Tuesday, February 23, 2016

    Hilaire Belloc - song (excerpt)
    Mitch Jones and the Shocking - instrumental
    Bob Dylan & Allen Ginsberg - @ The Grave of Jack Kerouac
    AEIOU Music - Vocal Warming Exercise
    BBC 4 interview - Yanis Varoufakis [excerpt]
    Bill Withers - Lovely Day
    2Pac feat. Bill Withers and B. I. G. - Lovely Day (Remix)
    cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada remix)
    The Beatles vs Joan Jett vs Cypress Hill vs House of Pain vs RATM - Mash Together - Mashup by FAROFF
    Jefferson Airplane vs. Fatboy Slim - Somebody To Praise (lobsterdust mashup)

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #11 Aired: Wednesday, February 10, 2016

    Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan - Sis Around the Sandmill
    Jack and Lindsey Toft - We're the Best
    Knock (Blamiss remix)
    Smithsonian Channel - What You Never Knew About Harriet Tubman (excerpt) with I Be So Glad When the Sun Goes Down - Recorded by Alan Lomax
    Tetsuya DAIKU - The Internationale with Live from the Hollywood Bowl sketch from Monty Python - Communist quiz featuring Marx, Lenin, Che, Mao with Kitsunevulpes1 - Internationale (8 bit) with excerpt from Cradle Will Rock
    Immortal Technique - No Me Importa

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #10 Aired: Tuesday, January 26, 2016

    Excerpt from Straight Up with Lou Gossett Jr.
    Actress - Skyline
    The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes for You
    Kanye West - Gorgeous (acapella)
    Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (CAKED UP remix)
    A$AP Mob - Selector Freestyle
    Clams Casino - Never Understand
    Adult Swim Infomercial - "Fartcopter" excerpt
    "4 Videos of Politicians Confronted about Bohemian Grove that Will Make You Say WTF" excerpt
    Irma Thomas - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)
    Father Yod and Yahowa 13 - I'm Gonna Take You Home

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #9 Aired: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

    A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind ep. 9
    Tay Zonday vs 4TrakZ - Chocolate Rain (Club Remix)
    Soulja Slim feat. 2Pac - Soulja Life Mentality (remix)
    Tavis Smiley on Bill O'Reilly
    Rob Williams from Radio Free Dixie
    Thundercat - Evangelion
    Bonecrusher - I Ain't Never Scared
    the Ricky Gervais Show - Karl Pilkington - A Day in the Life (excerpt)
    Local Business Comedy - I Am A Claus (from Kreezus - Kanye West parody)
    Luther Vandross - Superstar (FootMerc remix)
    Animal Collective - Baleen Sample

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind - David Bowie (RIP) Special Tribute Show Aired: Tuesday, January 12, 2016

    New York Times - David Bowie obituary
    Super Fox - Dance Magic Dance (remix)
    Venture Bros - clip
    Nine Inch Nails ft. Ice Cube - I'm Afraid of Americans (remix 3)
    david bowie - ragazzo solo ragazza sola
    Master Blaster - Wake Me Up Under Pressure (Queen + Avicii) Mashup
    Xam - Neneh Cherry, The Ting Tings, Bowie and Nirvana - A Buffalo Ting (Mashup)
    Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World (MTV Unplugged)
    The Man Who Fell to Earth - Clip
    Pet Shop Boys - Hallo Spaceboy remix
    Rosie O'Donnell Show - David Bowie and Iman

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #8 Aired: Tuesday, January 5, 2016

    Rollin Wang - Chick Chick
    A$AP Rocky feat. Skrillex - Wild for the Night (instrumental)
    Afu-Ra - God of Rap (acapella)
    Harris feat. ilovemakonnen - Tuesday (remix)
    TV Funhouse - Star Trek clip
    Kel Mitchell TMZ interview
    Immature feat. Smooth and Kel Mitchell - Watch Me Do My Thing
    Lost Children of Babylon - "Gladiators" (feat. Luminous Flux)
    Judith Butler on Gender Performance clip
    Vice News - Female Fighters of Kurdistan (excerpts)
    Divine - You Think You're a Man

  • A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind: Xmas! Aired: Wednesday, December 23, 2015

    Tiny MC - Christmas Hip Hop
    Run the Jewels - A Christmas F*cking Miracle (instrumental) with CREEPYPASTA America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV) Lost Episode read by DaveTheUseless
    Run the Jewels - A Christmas F*cking Miracle (clean version)
    The Beatles - Christmas Fan Club Record 1968
    Clarence Carter - Back Door Santa
    Captain Picard sings Let it Snow
    LocalBusinessComedy - New Sleighs- [Kreezus]
    Kanye West - Christmas in Harlem