Heather Zajkowski

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Forged in the fires of the Wild Wild West of podcasting, Sound of Tomorrow co-host Heather Zajkowski (she/her), The Babe With The Power, leapt into the audio media fray in autumn, 2007, capturing the hearts of literally several. In 2015, some damned fool invited Heather Zajkowski and her intrepid co-host Ross Johnson to bring the Sound of Tomorrow to WAYO 104.3 FM and, in that very moment, the two lousy podcasters achieved their shared dream of becoming very, very, very, very….. Very minor radio celebrities.

Strengths: Able to down prodigious quantities of gin in a single gulp. Plays ukulele poorly and sings worsely. Knowledge of rudimentary fact-checking protocols. Is possibly a witch?

Weaknesses: Blood pressure spikes when discussing social issues that anger her. Will definitely one day cry on air. Calls to Action.

Familiar: The Spirit of Boon feline companion, Nigel the SpaceCat.

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