Call it Upbeat

The Stolen Artists hour from March 17, 2019. 
Sugar Hoover Dam 3:32
Trunk Federation Bubbles 11:15
Thinking Fellers union Local 282 My Pal the Tortoise 14:32
Red Pens Hung Out 16:58
The Rewinds Ghostriders 20:31
Sparklejet Clever Personality 24:02:00
Irving I'll Write the Song, You Sing for Me 30:20:00
Meeting of Important People Matt New Wave 31:27:00
My Morning Jacket Anytime 33:07:00
Richard Buckner Goner w/Souvenir 38:35:00
Leland Sundries Studebaker 41:09:00
Guided By Voices Exit Flagger 46:40:00
Cracker Maggie 49:16:00
Watch Out For Rockets Lift Off Cloud Controller 52:56:00
Yo La Tengo Detouring America with Horns 55:19:00
Illinois What Can I Do For You? 59:14:00

Sunday, March 17, 2019