Magic Records March 22 2023 CalGoRhythm with a Handle!

A Solid Hour of Radio Power!

And what's this power if I may be so bold? It's records spun from hearts of gold! Not sure where I'm going w3ith tonight's show, only my muse will whisk us along the way. No playlist or plans. This aint no Spotify Algorhythm this is pure CalGoRhythm! This show has not been handcrafted, I mean I pulled the records, but the records will show us the way. It's like Radio Fickle, and I'm Travis Bickle, you talkin to me? Don't mess with perfection? I say don't mess with IMPERFECTION...mistakes will be made, but the music must be played!

Featuring artists like Speedy West! Art Neville! Mickey Newbury! Manfred Mann! Tony Mottola! The Living Guitars! The Rotary Connection! Eddie 'The Old Philosopher' Lawrence! Ornette Coleman! Johnny Lytle! Denny Zeitlin! The Fox Sisters! Gary Lewis and The Playboys! The Chilites! And much more...including bonus material at the beginning of the show! Thanks for listening, and picking up what I'm putting down!

Thursday, March 23, 2023