Equal Pay For WOC ft. Samantha M. Parisi Esquire

“Be you, have a strong support group and continue to passionately advocate for yourself and to be your own best advocate.” -Samantha M. Parisi

How can WOC use anti pay discrimination laws to advocate for themselves in the workplace? Lawyer and Pay Equity Coalition advocate Samantha Parisi joins me to discuss last year’s Latina Equal Pay Day rally and key pay equity bills the Coalition helped fight to get signed into law in NY state. We also discuss her experiences witnessing pay inequity and workplace discrimination firsthand, and how this has influenced her law career.

Since our convo.: 
1. S.6436 and S.456-B bills were signed into law on Dec. 26th, 2019. More info. on how they work in practice can be found here: https://www.roclacumbre.com/payequitylegislate 
2. Rochester Legal Diversity Clerkship Program Deadline is March 20! First-year law students from underrepresented groups: APPLY!
3. Free Salary Negotiation online course: https://www.roclacumbre.com/pay-equity-educate

Thursday, November 21, 2019