Brown Faces and Inclusive Spaces in Music Scholarship w/Lissa Reed of Project Spectrum

“My field is at a point where it is starting to open up to what music theory can be, and that just gives me so much joy and hope, because I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and my experience with my field and to change what music theory is, based on that."

Lissa Reed is one of the only two black women studying music theory in the US but she’s working to change that. The Eastman School of Music Ph.D. student, teacher and founding member of Project Spectrum joins me in the studio to talk about her career and advocacy to make room for people we don’t usually hear from in music academia.

Project Spectrum's upcoming symposium is called "Diversifying Music Academia: Building the Coalition" and it will be on November 4 - 5 in Minneapolis. You can find out more at!

Thursday, December 5, 2019