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Experimental and avant garde, emphasizing free jazz, Canterbury, RIO/Zeul, and chamber rock. Tuesdays, 1-3 pm EST.

Beginning in May of 2016, I embarked on this new endeavor at the suggestion of my friend Aprille Rolle, host of Roc Soup. She invited me the year before, but health problems delayed my entrance (fashionably).

Starting on Saturday mornings, my show was gentler. I was then moved to Mondays at 11am, when I played more energetic stuff. Now, in my current spot, I begin with a bit of punch, but move in a more soothing direction through the evening.

The main purpose of my show is to bring to light the work of artists whose music is sadly neglected by the music industry. Lacking in that which provides big business money making product, their talent, creativity, and originality is ignored. I hope to help remedy that.

Big thanks to:

Cunieform Records

MoonJune Records

Discus Music

Pi Recordings

And the countless independents who provide me with show content.

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