In Mah Mouf: Foodie Radio

Markette explores culinary topics national and local, and speaks with the people cooking, growing, and mixing your food and drinks.

Past Episodes

  • Episode 24: Foodie Activism with Dessa of Doomtree Aired: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

    In this 24th episode of In Mah Mouf, Dessa - writer, rapper, and member of indie hip hop collective Doomtree - joins me via Skype from her home in Minneapolis to discuss foodie activism and food as an artistic medium. In this episode, we discuss eating well (well, decently) while on tour, geekily prepping to interview Michael Pollan, and Dessa's foodie activism work in Minneapolis and abroad.

  • Episode 23: Farmers Markets Aired: Tuesday, August 30, 2016

    In this 23rd episode of In Mah Mouf, several folks who manage farmers markets here in Rochester, NY - Jackie Farrell of the Westside Farmers Market, Nathaniel Mich of Foodlink, and Jesse Knoth of the South Wedge Farmers Market - join me in the studio to discuss what they're doing to increase access to fresh food here in Rochester, NY. In this episode, we discuss the grant these farmers markets have received and how they hope to use those funds to increase access to fresh food.

  • Episode 22: Atlas Eats with Gerry, Diane, and Anna Brinkman Aired: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

    In this 22nd episode of In Mah Mouf, the family behind Atlas Eats - Gerry, Diane, and Anna Brinkman - join me in the studio to discuss family run businesses and the Edible Atlas Menu. In this episode, we discuss the oxymoron that is a "retirement restaurant", where foodies like the Brinkmans eat while they're traveling, why Gerry almost contacted the Guinness Book of World Records about his mother, and what it's like to work with so many talented family members.

  • Episode 21: Ugly Duck Coffee with Rory VanGrol Aired: Tuesday, June 7, 2016

    In this 21st episode of In Mah Mouf, Rory VanGrol joins me in the studio to discuss Ugly Duck Coffee's past, present, and future. In this episode, Rory discusses how the pop up coffee bar fit into his original business plan, shares his plans celebrating Ugly Duck's anniversary at the brand new brick and mortar location, and gives tips for how listeners can up their home coffee game.

  • Episode 20: Tour and Regional Food with The Screaming Females Aired: Tuesday, May 31, 2016

    In this 20th episode of In Mah Mouf, all three members of The Screaming Females - Marissa Paternoster, Jarrett Dougherty, and King Mike - join me in the studio while on tour this spring to discuss tour food, regional specialties, and vegetarianism on the road. In this episode, Jarrett discusses the main vegetarian recipe that fueled The Screaming Females early days, Marissa shouts out some favorite hometown and on-the-road restaurants, and Mike finds similarities between Rochester's very own "trash plate" and New Brunswick, New Jersey's regional specialty, the Fat Sandwich.

  • Episode 19: Flour City Forage Core with Sean O'Donnell Aired: Tuesday, May 17, 2016

    In this nineteenth episode of In Mah Mouf, Sean O'Donnell - one half of Flour City Foodcore - joins me live in the studio to discuss foraging in and around Rochester. In this episode, Sean and Markette discuss the importance of practicing sustainable foraging, what to do with your mess of ramps, and Sean shares foraging tips related to purslane, garlic mustard, Japanese knotweed, wild strawberries, lambs quarter, stinging nettles, sorrel, and more. Listen closely and you'll hear teasers about what's coming up next at The Bistro at the Hotel Normandie and through Flour City Foodcore.

  • Episode 18: Crafting Cocktails with Donny Clutterbuck Aired: Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    In this eighteenth episode of In Mah Mouf, Donny Clutterbuck joins me in a pre-recorded show to discuss his work as President of the Rochester Chapter of the United States Bartenders' Guild, or USBG. In this episode, Donny discusses with Markette how wrecking a sailboat changed his life, what he learned working at Booker and Dax in NYC, why pairing wine and food is easier than pairing cocktails and food, how to stock your home bar, and which Rochester Cocktail Revival events you should look forward to.

  • Episode 17: The Art of Sushi with Katie Lombardo Aired: Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    In this seventeenth episode of In Mah Mouf, Katie Lombardo joins me in a pre-recorded show to discuss her work as a sushi chef. In this episode, Katie discusses with Markette the importance of perfecting the rice when making sushi, what to look for when sourcing fish for at-home sushi making, what she learned running a sushi bar in St. Thomas through her 20's, and her upcoming plans for sushi pop ups in and around Rochester.

  • Episode 16: Craft Butchering with Kevin McCann Aired: Tuesday, April 19, 2016

    In this sixteenth episode of In Mah Mouf, Kevin McCann – craft butcher and owner of McCann’s Local Meats in Rochester, NY - joins me in a pre-recorded show to discuss his work bringing hormone-free, antibiotic-free, pasture-raised meat to market. In this episode, Kevin discusses with Markette what craft butchering and black box theater have in common, where he sources his animals, the effect of humane slaughter on the quality of your meat, and his collaboration with local farmers.

  • Episode 15: The Curriculum of Cuisine with Maggie Michaels Aired: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    In this fifteenth episode of In Mah Mouf, Maggie Michaels - high school language arts teacher and founder of The Curriculum of Cuisine in Portland, Oregon - joins me in a pre-recorded show to discuss her work at intersection of food and education. In this episode, Maggie discusses with Markette her organization's accomplishments so far in sharing essential culinary skills and food literacy with high school students.