All music show featuring psych, krautrock, free-noise, free-jazz/improv, experimental, and all things weirdo. New and old, themed (New Zealand noise rock, Japanese psych, guitar-centric, label-centric themes, etc), live sets, and interviews with local and touring musicians. 



Past Episodes

  • Numbers - Episode 280 - 2021-06-11 Aired: Friday, June 11, 2021

    Can - Drei (part 2) (from Live In Stuttgart 1975 - 3LP on Spoon)

    Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (from Interstellar Overdrive Maximun Freak-Out on FREAK OUT) 

    Shakali - Petojen Tavat (Petojen Tavat cassette on Ikuisuus)

    Stefan Christensen - Loimaa VI (from Loimaa cassette on Garden Portal)

    Jeffrey Alexander - Woozy Master (from Reyes cassette on Garden Portal)

    Loren Connors and David Grubbs - The Ghost of Exquisite (from Arborvitae LP on Improved Sequence, reissue of CD on Hapna)

  • Numbers - Episode 279 - 2021-06-04 Aired: Friday, June 4, 2021

    Keijo - Pastures of Plenty (plays Woodys Songs cassette on Ikuisuus)

    Neutral - Repa (from Gra Vag Gamlestaden on Grapefruit)

    Blod - Svensk Orgel Musik (limited cassette on Grapefruit)

    Blod - En Dejlig Tid Pa Aret (from Missuaxt on Grapefruit)

    Pumice - Ahipara Spaniel (from Puddles Soft Abuse)

    Euter - Magnetic Mammals (from split LP with Altaat on Ikuisuus)

    Tongue Depressor - A Singing (from In the Quarter Column LP on Redscroll Records)

    Bill Nace and Jon Collin - Live at Brickbat Books (CDR on Early Music)

  • Numbers - Episode 278 - 2021-05-28 Aired: Friday, May 28, 2021

    Monocot - Multidimensional Solutions (from Direction We Know on Feeding Tube)

    The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - White Dwarf (from Stellar Remnant on Feeding Tube and Cardinal Fuzz)

    Chris Williams and Patrick Shiroishi - Cherry (from Sans Soleil cassette on Astral Spirits)

    Hall of Fame - All Fall Down (from s/t LP on Amish featuring Dan Brown, Samara Lubelski, Theo Angell)

    Steve Baczkowski and Ravi Padmanabha - End Plate (from Open Door LP on God Karma Bad Karma)

    Red Brut - Songs for Another World (from Cloaked Travels on Ikuisuus and Lal Lal Lal)

  • Numbers - Episode 277 - 2021-05-21 Aired: Friday, May 21, 2021

    Loren Connors - Domain of the Wind pt 1 (10" on Family Vineyard)

    Mary Lattimore - Til A Mermaid Drags You Under (from Silver Ladders LP on Ghostly International)

    CIA Debutante - Kessler Syndrome (from Pier 7" on SDZ Records and Officine)

    Eyes Of The Amaryllis ‎– Brine (from s/t cassette on Cor Ardens) (Esther Scanlund, Goda Trakumaite, Jim Strong, People Skills)

    Graham Lambkin - Poems (For Voice and Tape) (originally on Kye - from the Solos boxset on Blank Forms)

  • Numbers - Episode 276 - 2021-05-12 Aired: Friday, May 14, 2021

    Rambutan and Parashi - The Oaken Towel (from Half Seas Over)

    Tashi Dorji - Out, Out Brief Candle (from Go Then, Fearless One!)

    Moshi - Eel Eel (from NOS 1998)

    Don Cherry - Ganesh (from forthcoming 2LP Organic Music Theatre on Blank Forms)

    M.Mucci - Quando non vede la luce di giorno (not a collab! split LP on Tall House Recordings)

    Jon Collin - Nioorts Nocturne 5

    Center - Eywon (from Contour Process cassette on Regional Bears)

    Center - Duchess

  • Numbers - Episode 275 - 2021-05-07 Aired: Friday, May 7, 2021

    Rob Noyes and Joseph Allred - Feet of Clay and a Crown of Stars (from Avoidance Language LP on FeedingTube)

    Natural Information Society with Evan Parker - I (from Descension (Out of Our Constrictions) on Eremite Records)

    Don Cherry - Taste Maker (from Where is Brooklyn on Klimt out of France. recorded 1966) - 2 new 2LPs coming on Blank Forms soon

    Kaoru Abe / Motoharu Yoshizawa / Toshinori Kondo / Derek Bailey - The Man From S.L.A.P.P.Y. (from Aida's Call on Starlight Furniture)

  • Numbers - Episode 274 - 2021-04-30 Aired: Friday, April 30, 2021

    Daniel Bachman - Coronach (from Axacan 2LP on Three Lobed Records. Axacan is a name used by the Spanish for what is now Virginia)

    Charmaine Lee and Zach Rowden - Butterfly Knife (title track on Notice Recordings)

    Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice - Cobra Christ of the Cabbages (from XAIO LP on DeStijl / Troubleman Unlimited)

    Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore - Blue Burning (from Ghost Forest LP on Three Lobed)

    Greymouth - Canberra and Flies (on Aerials Summer on C/Site Recordings)

  • Numbers - Episode 273 - 2021-04-23 Aired: Friday, April 23, 2021

    Loren Connors and David Grubbs - Arborvitae (title track from LP reissues on Improved Sequence)

    Blod - Skam vol.2 (title track on Forfall)

    Enhet For Fri Musik - Skilsmassa (from Omhet & Skilsmassa on Discreet - featuring Sofie Herner, Dan Johansson, Hugo Randulv, Gustaf Dicksson, Matthias Andersson)

    Gate - Evening and Night (from Winter Songs LP on 8mm)

    Arttu Partinen - Songs in the Attic (from split cassette with Amon Dude on Ikuisuus)

    Crazy Doberman - Tale One in Five Parts - part 2 (from Two Tales of Lost Witness on Aguirre Records)

  • Numbers - Episode 272 - 2021-04-16 Aired: Friday, April 16, 2021

    Mason Lindahl - Deep Wish (from Kissing Rosy in the Rain on Thompkins Square from 2020)

    Xylouris White - Old School Sousta (from Goats LP on Other Music from 2014)

    Kraus - A Great Black Horse Covered With Silk (from A Golden Brain LP on Ultra Eczema)

    Gate - Morning and Dusk (from Winter Songs LP on 8mm Records)

    Mainliner - Dunamist Zero (from Dual Myths on Riot Season)

    Up-Tight and Makoto Kawabata - Rainy Day Girl #12&35 (from s/t CD on Galactic Zoo)

    Steve Baczkowski and Ravi Padmanabha - End Plate (from Open Door LP on Good Karma Bad Karma)

  • Numbers - Episode 271 - 2021-04-09 Aired: Friday, April 9, 2021

    Mick Turner - Don't Tell the Driver (titled track, from 2LP on Drag City - member of Dirty Three) - vocals by Caroline Kennedy McCraken and Kishore Ryan on drums)

    Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt - A Port in Air (from Made Out of Sound LP on Palilalia)

    Sorrow Family Band - Homing I (from Tiger Bites cassettte on Independent Woman Records - label based in New Zealand)

    Sunburned Hand of the Man - Initials (from Pick a Day to Die on Three Lobed - 20th anniversary series)