The Sound of Tomorrow

Rochester, NY's Sound of Tomorrow is the most fun you can have in orbit. Join Heather, Ross, and all of their radio friends for a journey into the future of comedy, current events, music, movies, comics, and other stuff we love.

Past Episodes

  • Episode 251: You Won't Grow Testicles Aired: Wednesday, August 30, 2017

    Well, Space Cadets..... there's a lot going on in the world today. And we're not feeling equipped to handle it right now. Except for a little bitty talk about the costume FLOTUS chose to go visit the disaster area in Texas. Which was the bigger disaster, the flood or those heels, amirite!? Oh god... talk about tone deaf... I'm so sorry. ANYWAY---in atypical ostrich fashion, today's SoT dispenses with the state of the world; instead, we speak of Trekondiroga Adventures and discuss a few beauty tips proven by SCIENCE! Cap it off with a sweet story about Rocket the Dog and we're out!

  • Episode 250: Eclipse Water Aired: Wednesday, August 23, 2017

    Episode 250!? How did we not know that was today!? And with our 10th anniversary coming up so soon? Boy.... we're dropping the ball all over the place. But not on today's new Sound of Tomorrow! Instead, we're fleeking it up with some excellent news from Ross, Tales from the Eclipse (plus Magicks!), and, come on, we can't be that cheerful all the time, a discussion of the recent Joss Whedon kerfuffle and how it relates to our feelings on feminism.

  • Episode 249: Punching More Nazis Aired: Wednesday, August 16, 2017

    Yeah. I know. We thought we were done having to talk about why Nazis should be punched, too. But we're not. Still, tune on in as special guest Chris Thompson ( joins up for a rollicking discussion of this weekend's White Nationalist/KKK rally, President Trump's support of the Alt-Right, Naming and Shaming, and a lovely phone call from an awesome listener with some great ideas! Plus: Chris's famous blackberry pie recipe.

    Music today from Wilco with "All Lives, You Say."

  • Episode 248: Fooood Aired: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

    In today's exciting and mouth-watering Sound of Tomorrow, we're almost sticking to one single topic: food. That's right. We love it, we think about it, we don't want some old dude yelling at us at the grocery store about it. The verdict--do what works for you. No Draino. Talk to your doctor. Plus: The eclipse and Ross's sad lack of glasses with which to watch it! Meteors: Heather wants to see 'em! Manifestos at work: no, just no!

    Music today by The Eyesores with "Benevolent Street."

  • Episode 247: Kissing Chickens Aired: Wednesday, August 2, 2017

    Coming to you from the romantically lit WAYO LP Rochester studio, it's the Sound of Tomorrow! In part one of today's exciting (and, dare we say, romantic?) episode, we're talking and not taking antibiotics and we're feeling a little wee bit neurotic PLUS we sneak in a nature news update right before the break. After rocking out with TMBG's live rendition of "Ana Ng," we're back with a philosophical quandary that has Ross all tied in knots while Heather is pretty darned blithe about the entire thing.

  • Episode 246: My Gay Aired: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

    Time flies when you're having fun at the WAYO studio and we guarantee it'll fly for you (as women fly) when you check out today's all new Sound of Tomorrow! Special guest Chris Thompson ( reappears for an exciting episode covering racist white cis gay men, the plight of beloved, various scarelore, and how Heather should try to explain police violence to the TSIHL (Trump Supporter in Her Life). Ok, yeah. That all sounds pretty serious, actually. But we promise, it's fun!

  • Episode 245: The Doctor Aired: Wednesday, July 19, 2017

    Ooh, Space Cadets, have we got a fun-filled show for you today!! We start off with some Lady Doctor Bingo and talk of the future of Dr. Who. Then, keeping with the theme of lady doctors, we go straight to the gynecologist. The evil, blackhearted gynecologist who insists you can't bring someone with you and, really, you're not allowed to feel apprehensive. Just quit it. Ugh.... 

  • Episode 244: Big Globe Aired: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

    Dear Sweet Space Cadets..... we're a little scattered today but, as I just summed up the ep as when writing to a FB hacker, ahem, I mean, Old Friend, "what we lack in content, we make up for in hysteria?" But, really, it's not so bad! Today we start off with Ross's tale of horror from a Southern Tier hotel of "some repute." Poor did he make it through? Once we stop shivering and calm ourselves from that fright, we're onto some glurge follow-up, some Amelia Earhart follow-up, and a little bit of memory talk. What were our take-away points? I can't remember.

  • Episode 243: Chris Thompson Aired: Wednesday, July 5, 2017

    Space Cadets, today's exciting new Sound of Tomorrow is made even more exciting as comedian and all-around nice person Chris Thompson joins Ross and Heather in the WAYO studios! If you're accessing this file, it's too late to catch Chris's show but you can and should find him here: We're talking religion, whales, Amelia Earhart, black girls, and cat calling. And may we say, hey, babe, your ass looks fiiiiiiiine? Or, we mayn't? So sorry!

  • Episode 242: HOT PICKS Aired: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

    Ooh, this episode is almost more excitement than we can handle! After a few tech glitches (all Heather's fault), we dive right in with a fun call from a big fan of the SoT! It's always nice to hear kind words! <3 After our caller bids us fond adieux, leaving us pondering birds and fish, we promise some fun fun time! So we get right into some not-so-great things that happened at Pride. :( BUT! Part 2 really does bring in the promised fun as we're joined by Woody Battaglia, host of WAYO's fantastic program Almost Tuesday! We're bringing in the Hot Picks (cue theme!