Kryptic Pop Thrills

Spanning time throughout the 1980s.  Dipping tentatively backwards into the 1970s on occasion.  Tipping a hat forward into the 1990s even less frequently.

Past Episodes

  • Gettin' Fame and Fortune Aired: Friday, October 27, 2017

    During the goldrush, the man who sold the world was dealing in black money with the bad penny. He screamed, "so sue me!" and a bunch of people did because they want money. Money changes everything: Kryptic Pop Thrills from 10/27/17 part 2 of 3: Donate money to WAYO!

  • Lovely Blood Red Money Aired: Friday, October 20, 2017

    While we focus on an exchange of goods, a cop buys a donut, which messes up our opportunities to make lots of money. The cop says, here's how to be a millionaire: Just go ahead and sell our your future, win the lottery, and tell the world, "hey, love for sale, right here!" Kryptic Pop Thrills from 10/20/17 part 1 of 3: donate money to WAYO!

  • Handsome Pistol Blood and Roses Aired: Friday, October 13, 2017

    In the extended version of the last film, the prisoners of the sun sent a rocket to your heart during the long and arduous space race. In a manner of speaking, the fact that everyone was running thin worked in your favor - you were going home again, being sent on a night boat to Cairo. It was happening tomorrow, and it was you but not them: Kryptic Pop Thrills from 10/13/17.

  • I'm Never Talking to You Again. I'll Tell You Why Tomorrow. Aired: Friday, September 29, 2017

    In his reoccurring dreams, he don't want to know if you are lonely, or what the actual condition is when you turn on the news. You all know Diane? The girl with green eyes who lives on Heaven Hill? As part of the terms of psychic warfare, she floated away and it's just not funny anymore: Kryptic Pop Thrills from 9/29/17 (Grant Hart tribute!)

  • Metal Vision Make Believe Aired: Friday, September 22, 2017

    The radiant boys declared, "there's no time this time, but, regardless, lay all your love on me." Edward the bear was at the heaight of the fighting, and he was wearing a very large hat, which made it easy to disregard his opinions. Everyone met up at Lindy's Party, and on the count of three, they sang the song of angels: Kryptic Pop Thrills from 9/22/17.

  • Thunder Lizard Nosferatu Man Aired: Friday, September 8, 2017

    They said he could move any mountain with a circular saw, while you wait, in your dry county. Of course though, that was a psyche-out; the creature was just flesh and bones, like all of us operating within systems of romance: Kryptic Pop Thrills from 9/8/17.

  • The Hunt, Freeze Up Aired: Friday, September 1, 2017

    When the last dictator started disappearing, the populous cried, "Return the gift - since we're only gonna die in this spiral, happy hunting ground to you!" Kryptic Pop Thrills from 9/1/17.

  • Bursting Headclouds Aired: Sunday, August 13, 2017

    Let's go to the other side of heaven where you do it yourself and let your body learn. Some people ask where do the boys go, while others are more focused on who's that girl - either way, tumbling walls are the great leveler, and we all just realize that now is the time: Are Friends Electric? from 8/13/17

  • Lord Knows Best About the Afterlife Aired: Sunday, August 13, 2017

    After seven years in Tibet, I experienced some slow nerve action, especially after Stella, she was a diver - and she was always down. Once I got my bearings and was able to account for how near and how far, I just spent my time sitting in the park, near the tower, waiting for you. Slow and steady wins the race, even if this is a lie: Kryptic Pop Thrills "Pop Up" from 8/13/17.

  • This Is Not Instinction Aired: Sunday, July 30, 2017

    At the Chosen Time, Johnny and Jellybones-zers are gathering under Red Skies to worship the slow-drip lizard. The Wildcat was all, "Hey, wait for the summer with that trash-talk! It's of monumental importance that you factor in our god Alala and the universal heartache experience: Are Friends Electric? from 7/30/2017.